Welcome to Mr Crystal Ball!

I would like to invite you to beta test my new project management tool, Mr Crystal Ball!

Mr Crystal Ball is a fresh approach to project and financial management. If you are a creative entrepreneur with magical dreams and a limited budget, Mr Crystal Ball was designed just for you! You have a bunch of projects you can do, and have to choose between them due to limited time and funds. Type them into the system, and push the Crystal Ball button to show your financial future and projects unfold over time.

Once you've used the Crystal Ball to predict the future, you can also look into the past by linking your bank transactions into activities, and showing how well you are fulfiling your plans.

You can split activities into bite-sized chunks. Like the Russian dolls, you can have activities under activities under activities.

If this brief description interests you, I invite you to take it for a spin.

Comments, ideas for improvements and criticisms are warmly appreciated. Let me know how I’m doing! You can contact me at

Thank you!

David H Dennis
AKA the Wizard of Mr Crystal Ball!

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